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5 Best Tension Shower Rod on Tile – Adjustable & Heavy Duty Rods

No Drilling Required

Are you finding the best tension shower rod? Rods are called the backbone of curtains so it is necessary to measure the height, width, and weight of curtains so you can easily choose the best tension shower rod for your desired location

The best tension shower rod is necessary for any bathroom nowadays, as we don’t have enough time to drilling rods for our shower curtains.

And the absolute benefit of having such a tension shower curtain rod for tile is that they don’t need any drilling for adjustment. Yes, they are so easy to attach on walls so that it will save you time.

However, there are over tons of the best tension rod for a shower curtain in many shapes and varieties. So, you will have many choices according to your house size.

Best Tension Shower Rod Brands

After deep research and collecting reviews from buyers, here we sort out 5 best tension shower rods made with durable and high-quality material.


Amazer is one of the famous brands in making high quality and rust-resistant tension shower rod for bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.  The amazing invent many high qualities small products which we use on a daily basis in the bathroom, and the tension shower rod is one of the best products from them. This company serving Americans since 2005 and 90% of people’s trust in its design, qualities, and functions at a low price in the last 12 months.

Room Dividers Now

Room Dividers is become a well-growing company in making small and large room dividers solutions. The company introduces lightweight and versatile Tension Curtain Rod made with top quality stainless steel and room dividers kit at a low price. The products are manufactured in the united states according to people’s desires and their solutions. The company serving Americans with lots of quality products and 80% of peoples has 100% satisfied with its extra strong hold and largest extra-strength.


As we can understand by the name Amazon Basic it is amazon private brand which deals in all type of small and large accessories according to customers demand and reviews. AmazonBasics Tension Shower is one of the best amazon basic products. Just like other high-quality tension curtain rods amazon basic tension shower rod is also made with high-quality material with adjustable length. This product is very popular in the market and also known as customer choice tension rod.


Allzone is a very experienced company in making tension rods. This company deals in different home-related products but the tension shower rod is the main manufacturing product of the company. Due to its unique designs and heavy-duty material peoples love to hang blackout curtains on it. 80% of people out of 100 choose allzone tension curtains rod for hanging curtains in a wide area.

InterDesign Cameo

Inter design serving more than 100 countries all over the world. The company is an idea in mind in 1980 to design housewares products and invent new technologies at affordable prices. Now Idesign has more than hundreds of best products in the market and the tension shower rod is one of the best products these days. With its durable construction and easy installation system, it becomes the best choice for Americans.

Brands / Product NameMaterialDrillingAdjust-AbilityReady to Buy
Amazer Spring Tension Curtain RodMetalNoYesBuy Now
RoomDividersNow Premium Tension Curtain RodMetalNoNoBuy Now
AmazonBasics Tension Shower DoorwayNickel SilverNoYesBuy Now
AllZone Heavy Duty Tension Curtain RodSteelNoYesBuy Now
InterDesign Cameo Curtain RodStainless SteelNoYesBuy Now

Just do remember, to check out all the necessary detail further while going out to buy those best shower rod tension for your place. So, swipe down and read all the reviews of the five best tension shower curtain rod which has their pros and cons as well.

Best Tension Shower Rod on Tile

Amazer Spring Tension Curtain Rod – 42-72 Inches

Best Tension Shower Rod on Tile
Best Tension Curtain Rod size 54-90″

A perfect and easy to set up the best shower curtain tension rod which is useful in adjustment as well. This rod is also perfect and the best tension shower rod for tile, because it has an excellent grip which just stuck on the tiles like a spider web.

The gripping system on both sides is solid and sturdy looking so that your showers will stay hand on it without any losing sides.

However, one of the best qualities of this best tension shower curtain rod is that you don’t need any tools or something for attaching it to the tile/wall.

Key features:

  • QUALITY: sturdy material with hard plastic made of. Have a stable gripping for a perfect looking. No more slippery issue will be seen while hanging shower curtains on it. 
  • SIZE/LENGTH: it’s about 50-90″ with adjustable size feature so that you can easily adjust it according to your space and needs.
  • HOW TO USE IT: they are just easy to attach rods that don’t require any tool or drilling system. You need to expand the rods with an easy twist, though; it also provides constant tension for a tight, long-lasting, as well as secure fit.
  • BEST FOR this best shower curtain tension rod will be suitable for shower curtains or even for windows and door curtains.
    Where to buy?

These beautiful and easy to use rods are available on here, get for yourself now.

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  • No tool required
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable length size


  • Can’t hang heavy material curtains on it

People Also Ask These Questions about Tension Curtain Rod – 54-90″

What’s the max weight that this can hold up? Heavy curtains?

4 blackout panels at 84″ it works fine. Not sure of the max weight.

Is the actual rod diameter 1 1/2 inches or 3 1/2 inches?

There are two dimensions of the rod, a 3/4″ section slides into a longer 7/8″ diameter section. Ends flare to 1-3/8″. Both the 1-1/2″ and 3-1/2″ answers appear to be incorrect.

Have a hookless shower curtain. What are the end dimensions to fit through certain holes?

Yes the ends screw off. 7/8 is the outside dimension of the larger tube.

My opening is exactly 35” so which size rod would I need to buy?

I would get the 24”-36” rod.

The curtain I am buying has a 1 and 1/2 rod pocket. Will this fit?

Yeah it should be.

Would this rod hold heavy copper pans?

Only if you had extra support so it wouldn’t slide down.

How large is the end cap?

It is 1 1/4 “

Can this rod be used on the tile? A textured tile

Absolutely!!! Just make sure it’s taunting enough so it doesn’t fall. It’s a great product.

Can you connect two of these?

No, if you need a longer length, order a rod specified for that length. They cannot be connected.

Can it be used on the regular wall?

Yes as long it is between two walls. I use it on a window.

Tension Curtain Rod 120 Inches

Premium Tension Curtain Rod, 120 inches-150 inches

Premium Tension Curtain Rod, 120 inches-150 inches
Premium Tension Curtain Rod,measured as 120 -150 inches

The best shower curtain rod tension which allows you to decorate your bath with different curtains While soundproof curtains are looking fresh hanging on these rods.

They are still the best rated adjustable tension shower rod as they are attractive, stylish, and give your house new trendy looks as well. These rods will be providing you a quick and fast set up, the best tension shower rod which is also good in length size.

However, these rods are containing some extra solid material for superior gripping on both sides.


Key features:

  • QUALITY: sturdy and hard material for a stable gripping on both sides. Made from heavy-duty material to provide an extra steady look to those tension rods.
  • DESIGN: manufacturer just put all their efforts to build up a unique and hard design that can easily bear-up any material of curtains.
  • HOW TO USE IT: fast, secure, and drill-free installation set up which requires a minimum time of installation. These rods don’t need any tools, just put it on the sides and adjust the gripping accordingly.
  • BEST FOR these rods can be going well with shower curtains as well as other room’s curtains too. They are trendy looking rods that can be matched easily to any curtains.
Where to buy?

You can buy these amazing rods available here, don’t waste your time on web-searching.

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  • Easy to Adjust
  • No more drilling system require
  • Perfect for any curtains


  • The material is not good enough

People Also Ask These Questions about Premium Tension Curtain Rod, 120 inches-150 inches

Do you offer a ceiling mount joiner for this rod?

When our rod bowed in the center I wrote the seller and they sent me a center ceiling mount for free.

Do the ends come off to get the curtain on?

The ends do come off. It is a user-friendly product.

Can this be used as a shower curtain rod? Will it rust?

No to shower curtain, after a time it will begin to rust.

How much weight can this rod hold?

Our tension rods are high strength and can hold up to 12 pounds. I hope that helps and please feel free to reach out with any additional questions that might come up.

what are the Diameter of both Rod and end piece?

The tension rod diameter is .75″ and the diameter of the end cap is 1.5″.

This a SPRING tension rod?

Yes. I ordered three and use them in the front windows as tension rods. They are very sturdy and are just what I was looking for.

What size would I choose generally for a basement?

I recommend measuring the width of your basement and choosing from there. Most basements usually use either the 80″-120″ or 120″-150″ tension rods. I hope that helps and please let us know if you have any additional questions that might come up.

Do the ends come off so I could use a grommet curtain on it?

Yup they do.

I want to put on my doorway because I don't have a door. Its 3.5 feet wide will it fit on my doorway?

The rod comes in various lengths. As long as you get the right size rod, I don’t know why it wouldn’t work, as long as there is a flat surface that is large enough for it to be against.

Tension Shower Curtain Rod – 54-90″, Bronze

AmazonBasics Tension Shower Doorway

Amazon Basics Tension Shower Doorway Rod
AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod 54-90″Bronze

The simple and elegant look tension shower rod on the tile which perfectly going well with any material of curtains. It doesn’t matter if your curtains are heavy, get this best constant tension shower rod and enjoy surprising your guests by the looks of rods.

These rods are easy to handle and can be put anywhere such as bathrooms, bedrooms, or even kitchen as well. They are made to easily stick on tiles so that you can never buy another rod. Take these rods and modify the appearance of your house.

Key features:

  • QUALITY: heavy-duty material for better gripping. The manufacturer made it from solid and steady material.
  • SIZE/LENGTH: available in the size of 54-90″ with an adjustable system as well for your better convenience.
  • HOW TO USE IT: these rods are drill-free, so that you can easily hang them up on the tiles with easy set-up.
  • BEST FOR this best tension shower rod can be fit easily in any other place where you have tiles on walls.
  • COLOR OF CHOICE: yes, you will get color options as well. However, these rods are available in Bronze which surely goes well with your home decor.
Where to buy?

Get these amazing tension rods, as you will never find out this quality item from any other online site.

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  • Hard in material
  • Good adjustable size
  • No more drilling required


  • They are best for tiles but not for simple walls.


People Also Ask These Questions about Tension Curtain Rod – 54-90″, Bronze

Can you screw the ends off to put curtains on?

Yup, you can screw off the end to mount the curtain. I had to do this as I had a tight pocket.

What is the diameter of these rods?

About 0.75 inches on the smallest part and about 1 inch on the largest.

Can I use this for a closet rod? How much weight can it hold?

I think it would work as a closet rod for holding lighter items, but not heavy pants or coats.

What is the diameter of the end cap?

About 1.25 inches.

Are these tension rods rust-resistant?

We’ve had ours up since mid-April with no sign of any issues.

What color would go best with espresso furniture? Bronze or black?

Bronze will go best; it is a dark brown color perfect for espresso colored furniture.

How can you set the tension so it stays up?

I twist it just a little longer than where I am putting it, then put one side in the correct position and slide the other side up until it is level.

What is the white piece at the end of the rod made of?

Latex or rubber that helps the rod grip on the tile.

Is it going to fall on the smooth tile? I cannot find a rod that will hold.

It shouldn’t. Just make it a tight fit by adjusting the tension. Hope this helps. I would buy it again.

Adjustable Tension Shower Curtain Rod

Heavy Duty Tension Shower Curtain Rod, 28-41″, No Drilling, Never Collapse, Rust Free

Adjustable Tension Shower Curtain Rod
Heavy Duty and adjustable Tension Shower Curtain Rod

The best tension shower rod for tile is here for you with its amazing quality and easy to use set up. Just hang it on walls or tiles and enjoy covering your maximum space in your wardrobe.

These rods are suitable for compact size apartments where people need space so that these rods can save more space for you. The best shower curtain rod tension which is easy to adjust and needs to drilling procedure. This tension rod is easy in installation and gives you a trendy look as well.


Key features:

  • QUALITY: solid and steady material with hard stuffing so that you can feel more secure while hanging your curtains on them.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: new and enhanced button locking system in the rods so that they will never fall again or give you a feel of slip.
  • BEST FOR: you can use the rods as a drying rod, shower curtain, or as well as in your bedrooms.
  • HOW TO USE IT: simple and easy pull to lock the rods on tiles, walls, or even wooden wallpapers. No more drilling or no other tools needed to install the rods.
  • SIZE/LENGTH: these rods are available in the size of 28-41″, perfect length for your small places like in wardrobe.
Where to buy?

These high-quality tension rods are available here, get yours now…

Check It Now!


  • Great in a locking system
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Perfect for any surface


  • This is a little bit of high in price


People Also Ask These Questions about Heavy Duty Tension Shower Curtain Rod, 28-41

Can you please tell me the width of the rod cylinder? I want to know if that will fit my 1.5

The rod is 1” diameter, so yes it will be fit your 1.5” diameter curtain hole. Hope this helps, please let us know if you have any other questions.

What is the mechanism for locking in place? Twist?

The rod is spring tension loaded, it is not the usual twisting, if you checked the detail image, you will be noticed there have a button on it and can lock the length you want. That is why this rod is very sturdy and won’t slide down like other usual twist installation way.

You do not need a center support, the rod holds very sturdy and will not sag in the center.

Is the small size for 29-44

There is an extension pole supplied with this that would make this fit the larger dimensions if needed (I did not need this so just tossed it). This is very easy to assemble.

My window is only 22

Nope, the smallest rod won’t work for your 22″ wide.

Will this rod fit a shower that is 75 inches across?

yes it fits 75 inches across.

Order 43-81” since rod length must longer 1.78” than the opening. Please be noted that 43-81” include an extension rod and you do not need it for your space.

My walls are exactly 120 inches apart. Will the 83 to 122-inch rod have enough tension to keep the rod on the wall?

If the rod is indeed 122 inches, it will work because the rods are quite studying. Looking at the site, however, at once place it is listed 83 to 120 and another 83 to 122.

I’m looking for a tension rod to hold clothing in the corner of a room. It would need to connect on opposite walls of the corner if that makes sense?

This rod can hold clothes but it must be straight line, if you want to install on the corner of room that is not straight line, this tension rod will not work if it is an opposite wall.

Will this work for a 104

Yes, 83-120” length will work great at 104” space.

Tension Shower Rod Brushed Nickel

Cameo Constant Tension Shower Curtain Rod – extendable 43″-75

Cameo Tension Shower Curtain Rod Brushed Nickel
Cameo Tension Shower Curtain Rod extendable size 50″-87″

The best tension shower rod is available now in white color to provide you with an elegant look. The perfect tension shower rod brushed nickel which is good enough to handle heavy curtains easily.

However, these rods are perfectly fit on the walls and tiles as well. No more drilling need, just easy installation and here you go. Although, these rods will give you a high-quality non-slipping feature, so you can cover your shower area easily. Try this tension rod and stay comfortable while taking a bath or even changing clothes in your room.

key features:

  • QUALITY: they are great in quality and give you a steady performance.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: built with a unique feature so that it will never get fall.
  • HOW TO USE IT: they are easy to use, no drilling or any other tool needed for the installation.
  • BEST FOR: suitable for any place like a bathroom, bedroom, wardrobe, or even in the kitchen.
  • SIZE/LENGTH: size in 50-87″ so can easily fit on any surfaces.
  • BUILD/DESIGN: made of rust-resistant steel and coated with plastic.
Where to buy?

You can easily buy this rod by click below button; you may get a variety in length measurement as well.

Check It Now!


  • Nonslip Nice grip
  • No other tool needed
  • Drill-free
  • Rust-resistant steel and coated with plastic


  • No other color available


People Also Ask These Questions about Cameo Constant Tension Shower Curtain Rod

What is the diameter of the rod? Size of the end caps?

The rod diameter is 1″ and the end caps are about 1 1/4″

I have extended this to more than needed and it got locked how to unlocked and put in right position?

Unfortunately, you cannot. I love this rod and have three, but if you overextend it cannot be undone.

Does the set of two assemblies? I mean can two rods assemble to one?

No. It is one piece.

Can you connect two together? My area is 167.

No, they don’t attach into one another. The inside tension spring forces the rod to lock into a tightened position against the wall.

Does this rod have a center spring?

Yes. I had to put up brackets to insert either end in because the span was so long it kept falling down.

Will this rod stick to marble walls?

If you can get it to lock it will. Mine won’t lock so it just falls down.

How to tighten rod?

First hold rod against the wall and twist until rod extends to the size you need. Pull rod away from the wall and twist out another inch so that it will actually be larger than the measurement you need. Pull extension together, place into position. The extra inch or so will keep the rod in place. I recommend watching a video with installation instructions available.

I don’t think you can cut it, and truly I think it would not look the same. I ‘m sure a cut to size rod from a hardware store would suit your space. Good luck.

How do you lock the rod?

It should have directions on the rod that are very good, and my memory isn’t that good, however, I think you twist it out to the exact measurement you need then twist out until it’s at least a couple inches more than you need. Then forcefully compress that end and place it in place. Mine has not moved and it took me a while to find one that worked this well.

How do I release the tension on this to make it longer?

It been a while but If I remember correctly you just twist it, however- I think it did take a while to get mine going. I recall thinking, uh oh is this thing broken?? but I can say I got it up and it stays in place works well!


So, these are the top five best tension shower rod for you. However, there also are the best-curved tension shower rod which works great in a bathroom.

They are specially designed to prevent you from sticking with the curtain while wet. Also, these tension rods are made in a way so that you can put them quickly on any surface without any fear of slip or fall. So, go ahead and try some of them and share your experience with us.


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