Induction Cooktop vs Electric Power Consumption Efficiency

Difference Between Induction and Electric Cooktop

Want to know about induction cooktop vs electric power consumption efficiency? Induction cooktops are the recent invention of cooktops. They have a very unique system of heating which makes them more efficient than that of other cooktops.

Most of the people use them only if they are reliable with respect to energy consumption.

So they want to know induction cooktop vs electric power consumption so that they might be able to decide which cooktop to be used.

For this purpose firstly we have to know how an induction cooktop works.

Working of Induction and Electric Cooktops

Induction cooktops work on the principle of electromagnets. The power is given by an electromagnet that is available just beneath the glass of the cooktop that coordinates current legitimately to the attractive cookware making it heat quickly.

Now if we see into the working of other cooktops like electric cooktop it uses electricity directly to produce the heat and there is no such system of maintaining electricity consumption. So a lot of energy is wasted.

This is the major difference between induction and electric cooktop. So if we see induction vs electric cooktop on the basis of electricity consumption, then we do an experiment. If we take an induction cooktop and an electric cooktop, then on them at a time and place a pan on each having water.

Then we will see that the induction cooktop boils the water earlier than the electric cooktop so the induction cooktop uses power lesser than the electric one.

So in the comparison between see induction vs electric cooktop, the induction cooktop is better.

Induction Cooktop vs Electric Power Consumption Efficiency

Now we find out the induction cooktop power consumption. Different buttons are there on the induction cooktops to adjust the power supply to the cooktop. If we adjust the power to 100W and we use it for 10 hours, then there is the consumption of one unit of electricity.

There are different rates of one unit of electricity, so you can easily adjust the electric stove power consumption on the basis of the rate of per unit of electricity.

Induction Cooktop Power Usage
Induction Cooktop vs Electric Power Consumption – Induction Cooktop Power Usage

On the other hand, the electric cooktops have no sink that could work as the reservoir for saving energy. It has the electricity system that directly converts the electricity into heat that is transferred to the pans that are heated up.

Now the question arises that if electricity is used more than induction then what is induction vs electric energy efficiency? The reason is that in the electric cooktop all the energy is not utilized for heating, half of the energy is wasted due to its inner processes and absence of a reservoir.

While induction cooktop power usage is very efficient in this respect. As the energy that is required by the electromagnet is utilized and the remaining process is done by the conduction process. In this process, the glass is heated up by conduction.

That is the reason for an example that if we place a newspaper between induction cooktop glass and a cooking pan, it will take a long time to cook food or to boil water.


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