Nothing to Eat and no Money – Try This at Home

So, what to do when you have nothing to eat and no money at all for buying some food and all? going to show you the best tips and useful hacks by which you can full your tempting needs and as well as your appetite.

However, you don’t need to expensive ingredients and extra money at all, take help with these below mention tips and make yourself full of absolute healthy ingredients and rich in flavor so that you won’t sleep with an empty stomach.

Nothing to Eat and no Money - Try This at Home
Nothing To Eat And No Money

Follow the tips and hacks below when you have nothing to eat at home and no money.

What To Do When You Have Nothing To Eat And No Money?

1.   Meals you can make at home when having no money:

You can easily make one of this meal called “sandwiches” which doesn’t need extra money or expensive ingredients.

You need some pieces of bread (which is able in everyone’s home), put some butter (or anything you want), add some pickles, shredded chicken, and a slice of cheese. This is yet a very cheap meal you could make at your home when you don’t have extra money.

2.   Fill your stomach with smoothies:

Yes, with the help of a delicious smoothie flavor, you can easily fill your empty stomach when you don’t have extra money.

You need one of the best simplest operated “smoothie blenders” by which you can make your healthy smoothie within several minutes. This is the most convenient and quick hack to full fill your appetite, especially when you don’t have money or other food items at your home.

3.   Coffee is another best option:

For making this at home, you need to have the best “cappuccino machines” at your place, it doesn’t need any extra penny or expensive ingredients at all.

And believe us, this is the quickest remedy to full fill your empty stomach when you have nothing to eat. Coffee could be the best and simple hack for you to feel more energetic and stay active while performing your other chores.

4.   BBQ’s would be the most delicious option:

This is the most time-saving option for you which don’t need any expensive ingredients, just a simple and well operated “charcoal grill smoker combo” and start cooking your meals ahead.

This is a quick option for you when you have nothing to eat, so just active the charcoal grill heating temperature and put some chicken leg pieces, some leftovers, or anything you want (make sure to marinate it for about half-hour). You will easily enjoy the delicious meal at home within several minutes, and it doesn’t cost you much at all.

5.   What about some “baked potatoes”?

Yes, this is another the yummiest meal ever which is healthy plus delicious. You need potatoes, cheese, pepper, and salt, and that’s it. Baked the potatoes into your oven and enjoy the yummiest meal ever (and don’t forget to sip a chilled drink during the time of eating).


So, that’s how with the use of simple tricks and hacks, you can make some yummy meals and drinks when you have nothing to eat and no money at the same time.

But hey, what you could do when you have nothing to eat and no money at the same time?


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