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Winglives is well growing organization in digital marketing. After a huge success in online and offline business in multiple sectors our honorable CEO Mr. Michel decided to start a Non profitable Business in 2014. Currently we have 4 Non profitable major projects running for the help of needy peoples. Now we start scholarships program for high school and colleges students. We offer $2000 scholarships for students who can’t afford their studies due to financial issues. Universities students can also apply for this program. We are trying to conveyance popular school, colleges, and universities in United States to put our scholarships on their websites, so every student can get benefit from it.

Scholarship is a kind of reward in sense of financial aid to help the students in their education. Scholarship rewards are based on different criteria and the donor or founder of award is not required to repay by the students.

Who can apply?
High school and college level in any field.
Place of Study
Any school or University of USA
Award Value
Applicants’ Nationality
United states

Dead Line:

31th March 2020

Criteria of Scholarships

To be eligible for scholarships student must have at least 31 ACT score to be in top 5% of their high schools. For colleges must have at least GPA of 3.8 or above.

When you are going to apply for a scholarship you should know about your eligibilities for that scholarship

The most common scholarships are:

  • Merit-based

Merit based scholarships are awarded to a student on base of his excellent academic, athletic, extracurricular or any other activates with service record.

  • Need-based

Need based scholarships are awarded in sense to support the family of the student for further education. However, Need based scholarships are also based on merit criteria.

  • Minority-Scholarships

Minority scholarships are based on gender, religion, family, medical history and many other students who are eligible and come in minority criteria.

  • Career-specific:

career scholarships are awarded to those students who plan to continue their study in specific field just like education, teaching, nursing, etc. Many schools and colleges in united states give scholarships to enter in nursing field.

  • Athletic:

Athletic scholarships are awarded to students on his remarkable skills in sports. Usually it is for those students who attend the schools and play sports on behalf of his institute as a team member.

  • Mini Project Scholarships:

Mini Project scholarships are based on the project or task given by the organization. The creative submission unique work and a powerful strategies unique ideas innovations and business plans are the main key to get this scholarship.

Application Instruction

Send us an email at
Make sure your pitch is very straight forward.

Make Sure Fill this Form Carefully! Universities and College Can use Contact Us for Any Query. 

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